The last day of the year!


It's the last day of 2010! Are you excited? I know I am !!! It's gonna be a big party tonight,right? I can't wait to show you my dress for the occasion! And to see your outfits :) I've just finished reading my horoscope for 2011 and it's so exciting! I hope everything in it to become true! Besides, I'm a Capricorn and my BD is comming up too :) Funny fact - my birthday is on Jan 06th and my BF's BD is on Jan 05th :D It's so strange, right? But sadly there is not gonna be a big party for my bd cause like I wrote couple days ago - I have an exam on 8th! It's gonna be such an intense week! But everything will turn out just fine! Like always - I'm an optimist :)
I've already done my review of 2010 and it was a good year! There were some tears,but there were also happy moments and a great summer :) And now all I'm thinking is "What are my resolutions for 2011?" I don't know yet,but when I decided I'll tel you! 
So,enough bubbling!

Have a wonderful NYE! And more wonderful 2011!See you in the next year :)

xoxo Glamour Girl

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